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Dick and I were married in 1963 and got our first Arabians in 1964.  I guess we came up with the name for the farm when we started having more foals.  The Twin Brook name started about the time of our first Azraff foals, around 1968-70.
Walter Farley and the "The Black Stallion" are probably to blame for my fixation with Arabians.  I dreamed of having an Arabian horse since I was a kid.  So before we married, Dick asked what I wanted to do on the farm and I said, " Have about five Arabian mares and a stallion and also carry on the family Black Angus herd (but on a smaller scale)." 
After looking, researching,  and reading, we found, just a few miles away, at Comar Arabians the type of Arabian we wanted to raise - the Azraff Ferzon cross!

 Farm News....
People, Mares, Foals,  Stallions and Sale Horses ......    meet some  of them

Stop by to look at some of the beautiful horses... the ancestors. 

About the Farm.....

Join us to learn more about Twinbrook Arabians

Twin Brook Arabians came about when Carolyn BROOKS married

Richard Has BROOK.  


"And, we came up with

Twin Brook Arabians."

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