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Our farm is located10 miles west of I-35 (Iowa State University exit) in central Iowa where we raise, corn, beans, hay, a small Angus cow/calf herd and a large herd of Arabian horses.  We own the farm where I grew up and purchased additional  land my Grandparents bought in 1902. 


Dick is retired from Iowa State University where he worked for 45 years. Most of those years he was the Contract and Grants officer. 


We have two boys:  Michael  and Daniel.  Mike and Val have two sons, Colin and Ryan. (Colin received his Eagle Scout award and Ryan is working on his).  Mike is in Denver, Colorado.  Dan is in Marina, California. 


I worked at the ISU Photo Department for a few years until the horses and a new baby required more of my time. 


We have both chaired many horse shows, served as delegates to the AHA Convention and Region 11 activities in the past years.  I chaired the Iowa Horse Fair for several years.  We were founding members of the Azraff/Ferzon Breeders group, and I now sit on the ECAHS board. 


Photography and family history are my passion and for Dick, it is the pedigree and history research of the Skowronek bred horses and preserving those lines. 

We are so proud to say that in 2007,  we received the ECAHS Lifetime Achievement Award.








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